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Videk’s new shirt

Videk is a small boy. One day he wants to put on his shirt, but it’s old and dirty. His Mum has no time to make a new one for him. Videk is sad and goes out. He walks and walks sadly in the fields. He meets a white lamb who smiles and gives him some soft wool for a shirt. Videk goes on and comes to a bush who spins the wool into a big ball. On the eay to the river, Videk meets a spider. The spider weaves the wool into a big piece of cloth. Videk has the cloth but is still sad He comes to the river and there he meets a big brown cryfish. The cryfish takes the cloth and cuts it into the shape of a shirt. Videk looks at the pices and doesn’t know what to do. Then, a bird flies from the tree to Videk, takes the pieces of cloth and sews them into a shirt. Now, Videk has a beauftiful new shirt and is very happy. He puts on the shirt and is very happy. He puts on the new shirt and looks at his reflection in the water. The river smiles and says, »Videk, your new shirt IS wonderful.«


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